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Application Rules [read or get denied]

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First of all, thanks for wanting to help out the team! We're excited to see what you can offer :)

In order to make this as efficient as possible, we have rules that you must follow while creating an application. If you break a rule, this post was right in front of your face at one point, so don't be left wondering why you were denied.

  1. We have a chain of command. It goes User > Moderator > Admin > Head Admin > Super Admin. You must apply for Moderator before applying for Admin, and to apply for Admin you have to be a Mod for a good amount of time. For right now, Head Admins and Super Admins are hand-selected from our Admins and don't need to apply.
  2. Don't reply to your application, regardless of what people say. As staff, we want to see what the players think of you, not what you think of their thoughts of you. If you forgot to add or want to change something, message a staff member with what you want changed and they will do it for you.
  3. Don't add, remove, or change anything from the Application Template.
  4. Make sure everything on your application is honest and true. We have great bullshit detectors.
  5. You can only post 1 application per 3 days. If you are denied, you must allow time for yourself to change what you were denied about. After 3 days, apply again and see what people think of you.

Don't be a stupid, just follow the rules.

Rules are subject to change

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