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Staff Training Guide (Official)

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Interested in becoming staff on LSRP? Study these things for your best shot at getting a position! If you have more helpful tips, add them in the replies!

Staff Training Guide

Basic ULX Commands

  • ulx noclip : Allows you to fly through objects
  • ulx jail : Jails a player for a specified time
  • ulx freeze : Freezes a player
  • ulx god : Grants invincibility to a player
  • ulx administrate : Gods, cloaks, and noclips yourself
  • ulx bring/goto : Teleports you to a player / teleports a player to you
  • ulx kick : Kicks player out of the server (they can rejoin)
  • ulx ban : Bans player for a specified time
  • ulx banid : Bans a players Steam-ID for a specified time

Advanced ULX Commands

  • ulx cloak : Makes player invisible
  • ulx hp : Sets a player's health
  • ulx armor : Sets a player's armor
  • ulx spectate : Spectate's a player
  • ulx blind : Makes a player's screen white
  • ulx removeuser : Removes user's access completely
  • ulx slay : Kills a selected player

Follow these Rules While On-Duty

  1. Do not abuse your powers. If you are unsure about anything, ask a higher staff member before doing anything.
  2. Don't physgun players too much. We have !bring and !goto for a reason. Only use your physgun to control the situation.
  3. Only kick a player when he's been warned 2-3 times before.
  4. Only ban a player when he's been kicked and warned again.
  5. Only permanently ban someone for: mass RDM/RDA, trying to crash the server, continuously breaking rules (after kicks and/or bans), showing absolutely no regard for the server or the players.
  6. Only 1-2 admins per sit (unless you need assistance).
  7. When you permaban someone, let a Super Admin know.
  8. The Admin on Duty job is NON-RP. You cannot roleplay as this job. You should be godded and noclipped. Don't interfere with other players as this job. You can hang out in your friend's bases and wait for admin calls if you want.
  9. Base all situations off of the MOTD. You can use reasonable personal judgement when necessary.
  10. Never ban another staff member unless in an absolute emergency.
  11. Do not disrespect players or other staff members.
  12. You are a team. Work together, befriend each other. The LSRP staff team is a family.

Powers and ranks may be revoked for any reason a Super Admin or Owner deems necessary.


Hope you liked it! If you follow all these guidelines, you will be the perfect staff member!

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