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  1. burger

    Another Update.

    This time, I made a rather small update: Added Grim Reaper job with Katana Added a grapple to Batman
  2. I personally play Fortnite and sometimes World of Tanks. That's about it for me
  3. burger

    What's with the weather

    sounds like you need a twix
  4. the fucks with the weather eh?
  5. burger

    Added Some More Jobs

    I added some more jobs for y'all to RP as! These include: US Army Soldier, Sergeant, and Captain Terrorist, Terrorist Sniper, and Terrorist Leader Blockman Furry Boy Omega (from Fortnite) Flappy's custom job Also, we've just hit 60 jobs!
  6. Hey guys. Added some more jobs and SWEPs for y'all to go nuts with. Here: Added Stripper Job with Kiss SWEP, Bank Manager, Sewer Dweller, Heavy Gun Dealer, Baby, Jesus, Priest, Kidnapper with Zipties, and some custom jobs. Added Slap SWEP to pimp Added Kiss SWEP to Prostitute too. There might be more jobs that I just don't remember right now. I'll edit them in if I find out. Hope y'all have fun lol.
  7. burger

    New Jobs! + Freddy SWEP

    I added two new jobs in a quick update: Freddy Krueger (go around and sneak into people's homes with the Freddy SWEP and kill them) Lawyer (try to bust people out of jail or bribe the police to protect you)
  8. burger

    New Update!

    Hey guys. I released a rather drastic update to the server and added some jobs! Here's what's new: Map changed to RP Downtown Tits v2 Added Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn jobs
  9. burger

    More Jobs! + Some Fixes

    Hey guys! I added some new jobs plus fixed some things on the server. Here are some of the things I've changed: Fixed dropping money on death (you dropped 80% of your money and now drop 10%) Fixed ATMs (now everyone can make an account) Added 4 New Jobs (Hunter, Elite Hunter, Skull, and Tron) Added the Sit Anywhere script
  10. burger

    New Job!

    Added a Road Construction mod. It allows Road Workers to work on pits in the road for a nice reward. This will help with realism as people need a clear road to race and drive. Hope you guys like it!
  11. burger

    [LGRP]irishk5blazer modrator application

    Denied I have no idea who you are and your application seems very bland. You didn't state many specific powers you would use in certain situations and your ULX command descriptions are vague, such as this one: Also your last situational should not involve using your powers on a fellow staff member. Finally, we would need a bit more hours daily from you.
  12. burger

    Fixed the Logs

    Hey, staff team. I have fixed the logs! They can be accessed using !logs or mlogs in console.
  13. burger


    I have updated the server! Some stuff broke so I had to take it out but it's all good. Here's whats new: Fixed car resale glitch Added !workshop for workshop content Removed cigarettes from drug dealer Added Sit Anywhere (Alt + E) Changed shotgun on the Assassin Hopefully fixed the cop playermodel Added logs Added ATMs Removed quests (broken) Fixed Presidential Election
  14. burger


    Hey guys. I just wanted to shed some light on why you might be demoted. You will be demoted if: You don't get on every day (or as often as you state on your app) You abuse your powers You talk back to staff members, especially higher ups You get too many reports You aren't active on the forums You don't respond to Supers or Owners when they contact you You mess around too much Don't be surprised if you do these things and find your rank gone one day. We might tell you we demoted you or we might not. I really don't like to demote people, but if you fall into these criteria you will probably be demoted. If you find that you're demoted, contact me or a Super to find out why.