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    Nice! 60 jobs lets work to 100!
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    idk bro I'm not tall enough to see how it is
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    Hey guys. I just wanted to shed some light on why you might be demoted. You will be demoted if: You don't get on every day (or as often as you state on your app) You abuse your powers You talk back to staff members, especially higher ups You get too many reports You aren't active on the forums You don't respond to Supers or Owners when they contact you You mess around too much Don't be surprised if you do these things and find your rank gone one day. We might tell you we demoted you or we might not. I really don't like to demote people, but if you fall into these criteria you will probably be demoted. If you find that you're demoted, contact me or a Super to find out why.
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    I was a admin/moderator on the server before burger shut it down but its good to be back bois.
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    Nice! This should be cool!