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  2. 5000 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  3. 2500 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  4. 1500 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  5. 950 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  6. 500 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  7. Pinkie BOI

    Pinkie Boi's Mod Application

    Steam name: Pinkie Boi For how long have you played on LSRP: truthfully only Been playing for a day (3/30/2020) Age: 16 In what country are you located?: USA In-game name and Previous Names: Pinkie Boi | N/A Steam ID: - Steam id Looker wont grab my id here is the community link Do you have a mic?: yes Is this the first application you made?: yes Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?: none Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community?: yes How many hours can you be on everyday?: with this quarantine basically whenever and for how ever long Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?: Really need something to do i love gmod and know how to handle my self as a mod, i see alot of potential in this server so of course im interested What skills can you provide to our staff team?: General knowledge of gmod and a extreme knowledge of general darkrp rules Have you bought Donor Mod / Donor Admin before?: I havnt bought donor but im one of the people that was generously given it Situations Explain ULX WARN: Command based warning Explain ULX JAIL: Non rp jail, punishment or for sits Explain ULX FREEZE: Non rp - stops entities from performing actions Explain ULX BRING/GOTO: ALlows you to telport to people and teleport them to you aswell as return them after Explain ULX NOCLIP: move through walls and entities, also fly Explain ULX administrate: Perform punishment and moderations to player Jimmy RDMs John for the first time and isn't really used to DarkRP yet: verbal warning because they might not understand dark rp. Also, direct them towards the rules and information they will need Jimmy dies during a raid and returns to continue the raid: Breaks NLR, warn and help the other party effected if needed Jimmy begins playing music through his mic: Tell them to quit it and if they can't stop mute and warn if tries to bypass Jimmy sends 7 messages in OOC insulting another player: Depending on the context or severity intervene with a sit and follow up with a mute if needed Felix, an admin, grabs you with his physgun and begins violently throwing you around the map: Contact a higher up or staff report if possible Jason, a Donor Mod, begins noclipping back into his base to avoid having to use his fading doors: contact someone who can moderate a donor mod PS: DIscord: Ninka#6733
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  10. burger

    Current Staff List

    Here's the current staff list I've written up so far. If you guys can find people to fill in the spots that'd be splendid Superadmins Kill3r Underbalanced Sikki (possibly another super still deciding) Admins (Head Admin) lilman (Head Admin) crazyshot (lilmans guy) Frosty Derp Scott Kenway Buuqueef Fliz POSITIONS AVAILABLE Mods _Eagle Rolly Joger KingDope Sutine Billy Eyelashes BoredStrong need 1-3 more
  11. ThatOneAutisticBoi

    What games do yall play?

    Terraria, GMOD, And Pokemon Go
  12. burger

    Another Update.

    This time, I made a rather small update: Added Grim Reaper job with Katana Added a grapple to Batman
  13. I personally play Fortnite and sometimes World of Tanks. That's about it for me
  14. ThatOneAutisticBoi

    Added Some More Jobs

    I think you mean Meme👏Review👏
  15. Frostydayo

    Added Some More Jobs

    👏👏Meme review
  16. Frostydayo

    What's with the weather

    No I need a snickers
  17. ThatOneAutisticBoi

    Added Some More Jobs

    Nice! 60 jobs lets work to 100!
  18. burger

    What's with the weather

    sounds like you need a twix
  19. Frostydayo

    What's with the weather

    idk bro I'm not tall enough to see how it is
  20. the fucks with the weather eh?
  21. burger

    Added Some More Jobs

    I added some more jobs for y'all to RP as! These include: US Army Soldier, Sergeant, and Captain Terrorist, Terrorist Sniper, and Terrorist Leader Blockman Furry Boy Omega (from Fortnite) Flappy's custom job Also, we've just hit 60 jobs!
  22. ThatOneAutisticBoi

    Even More Jobs!! (And other shit too)

    Love it! Its going great!
  23. Hey guys. Added some more jobs and SWEPs for y'all to go nuts with. Here: Added Stripper Job with Kiss SWEP, Bank Manager, Sewer Dweller, Heavy Gun Dealer, Baby, Jesus, Priest, Kidnapper with Zipties, and some custom jobs. Added Slap SWEP to pimp Added Kiss SWEP to Prostitute too. There might be more jobs that I just don't remember right now. I'll edit them in if I find out. Hope y'all have fun lol.
  24. burger

    New Jobs! + Freddy SWEP

    I added two new jobs in a quick update: Freddy Krueger (go around and sneak into people's homes with the Freddy SWEP and kill them) Lawyer (try to bust people out of jail or bribe the police to protect you)
  25. burger

    New Update!

    Hey guys. I released a rather drastic update to the server and added some jobs! Here's what's new: Map changed to RP Downtown Tits v2 Added Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn jobs
  26. burger

    More Jobs! + Some Fixes

    Hey guys! I added some new jobs plus fixed some things on the server. Here are some of the things I've changed: Fixed dropping money on death (you dropped 80% of your money and now drop 10%) Fixed ATMs (now everyone can make an account) Added 4 New Jobs (Hunter, Elite Hunter, Skull, and Tron) Added the Sit Anywhere script
  27. Orweo

    New Job!

    VERY NICE kinda loud tho
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