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  2. I had to deal with some personal stuff but am setting up a big revamp coming in the next few days or so. Stay tuned for updates!
  3. Get a cool LSRP-Style Rank Tag that'll show up on every post you make!

    They look like this:



  4. First of all, thanks for wanting to help out the team! We're excited to see what you can offer :) In order to make this as efficient as possible, we have rules that you must follow while creating an application. If you break a rule, this post was right in front of your face at one point, so don't be left wondering why you were denied. We have a chain of command. It goes User > Moderator > Admin > Head Admin > Super Admin. You must apply for Moderator before applying for Admin, and to apply for Admin you have to be a Mod for a good amount of time. For right now, Head Admins and Super Admins are hand-selected from our Admins and don't need to apply. Don't reply to your application, regardless of what people say. As staff, we want to see what the players think of you, not what you think of their thoughts of you. If you forgot to add or want to change something, message a staff member with what you want changed and they will do it for you. Don't add, remove, or change anything from the Application Template. Make sure everything on your application is honest and true. We have great bullshit detectors. You can only post 1 application per 3 days. If you are denied, you must allow time for yourself to change what you were denied about. After 3 days, apply again and see what people think of you. Don't be a stupid, just follow the rules. Rules are subject to change
  5. Terraria (lately), TF2, GMOD, RDR2, Roblox, BeamNG.Drive, Minecraft, and Unturned. Thats about it.
  6. Don't remember you at all
  7. papi

    memed is back

    hey big boys. it's memed, happy to see leftshark functioning again I may have been forgotten but I was superadmin on the first server around 2015-2016. still got some great memories of being a vaping alien and telling everyone I'd rape them as the hobo king. I spent so many hours building huge elaborate bases and keeping order with the boys. those skype calls were the funniest shit hope all goes well 🙂
  8. Eyy welcome back edit! Good to hear from you again. Join the Discord any time man I'm always in there
  9. Whats going on everyone!? It's certainly been a few years. I used to be Super Admin some time ago! Alot has changed since then. It's good to see this community back up and running again!
  10. - DECLINE Please try again next week and give a little more respect to the admins, that you may be working with in the future.
  11. -Support This one changed fast, you've recently received 2 warns from Buuqueefious, one for abuse of noclip, and one for RDM in spawn. In your application you say: Making it obvious that you understood that if an admin had informed you of a rule not allowing you to noclip, you would not. However, after many, many warnings from both me and Buuqueefious, you still continued to abuse your noclip permission. If I cannot trust you with noclip, how could I trust you with even greater permissions? Overall, I would support your application, but you've shown to both me and Buuqueefious that you cannot be trusted with permissions.
  12. Basic Info In-Game Name and Previous Names: Tye, always Tye. Steam Name: Tye Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96787546 Age: 16 In what country are you located?: Best on earth. In-game name and Previous Names: Tye , still Tye. Do you have a mic?: Indeed I do. Is this the first application you made?: I don't believe so, it's been a while. Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?: I'm sure on the old leftshark but none on here so far. Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community?: I have tons upon tons of staff experience and I have done well in all of the communities with staff relations and so forth. I was a senior moderator on a very well known community which recently fell off because of lack of financial support. I have dived into my own servers with working on lua etc. to attempt at making a solid server. Those servers have all since been shutdown or abandoned. How many hours can you be on everyday?: 2-3. Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?: I love Burger, I love leftshark, I loved it years ago and I still love it today. I love to help people as staff and I love to have good relationships within the community so why not start with the most familiar faces on the server, The Staff. What skills can you provide to our staff team?: I can provide logic and reasoning and a firm knowledge of the rules that I can bring to the table. I can handle fellow staff members whatever the situation may be whether they are a superior or inferior. Have you bought Donor Mod / Donor Admin before?: Yes. Donor Admin. ( I consider these my glory days.) What is your current timeRank (top left of the screen while loaded into the server) : Super Donator but Burger did set me to "oshark" still not sure what that is. Situations Explain ULX WARN: Puts a temporary punishment upon a player for violating something rather mild. These usually do not last on a player's record as long as they do not stack up. Explain ULX JAIL: Puts a temporary or indefinite cage around a player so that they are forced to suffer for their crimes. Explain ULX FREEZE: Freezes a player so they cannot shoot, change weapons, look around, etc. Explain ULX BRING/GOTO: Bring: Teleports another player to you for say a sit, a chat, etc. Goto: Teleports yourself to another player for say a sit, a chat, etc. Explain ULX NOCLIP: Gives the user the abilities to fly through walls and the map itself. Explain ULX administrate: I am not super knowing of this command because I have never really used it to staff in other communities, but I believe it sets you to administration job, makes you invisible, enables god mode. Not too sure. Jimmy RDMs John for the first time and isn't really used to DarkRP yet: Explain the basis of Darkrp to Jimmy and make sure he is aware of the common rules so he does not have to be punished by me or another staff member for breaking any other rules without knowing. (Verbal Warning.) Jimmy dies during a raid and returns to continue the raid: I would see how long Jimmy has played on the server and depending on the amount of time I would go about it based off of that. If Jimmy is a newer player I would take him to a sit and discuss the rules of NLR and raids. If he is a reoccurring player than I would either warn or jail for about 2 minutes as NLR should be something they are fully aware of whilst playing on the server. Jimmy begins playing music through his mic: I would make Jimmy aware of the rules against mic spamming and ask him politely to silence his mic while music is playing. If he does not comply the first time I would gag for say 2 minutes and then take it from there. Jimmy sends 7 messages in OOC insulting another player: I politely request that Jimmy stop insulting/harassing the other player so that the other players on the server don't have to see his disrespectful messages. If he continued I would mute him for 5 minutes. Felix, an admin, grabs you with his physgun and begins violently throwing you around the map: I would ask him to stop and then if Felix continued I would request that a higher up become present to talk about Felix's inappropriate behavior. Jason, a Donor Mod, begins noclipping back into his base to avoid having to use his fading doors: I would make sure that Jason is fully aware of the rules and If I caught him doing it for a second time I would have to take disciplinary action into consideration or inform a higher up. Love you guys. <3
  13. 5000 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  14. 2500 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  15. 1500 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  16. 950 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


  17. 500 Shark Teeth (pointshop points) for the in-game pointshop


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